Saturday, February 13, 2010

Radiation Roundup

Finally, the very last pictures (hopefully) of the struggle I have been going thru with my enemy breast cancer.

I've had quite a few emails from women encouraging me to continue posting about my treatments. And while I did wonder whether I should put pictures like these up on this blog, readers encouragement made the decision for me.

It's only thru awareness, education and research that we can keep fighting this disease. So if you don't wanna look...well, don't look! Not that the pictures are gruesome at all, but they do outline the radiation procedure.

Two members of my radiation teaming being willing to pose for a pic they knew would go up on the blog.  I've had the most wonderful caring team - it takes special kinds of people to do the job they do!

The big bugger, ready and waiting for me.

In the foreground you can see my table. The staff assemble and change around all the parts necessary for patients to have their treatment (and they do it pretty quick too! ) You can see those farkin' stirrup looking things. Those are for me to fit my arm into. I hate them! They hurt me!

So, while they were setting things up, I was telling them about the blog. The asked me if I wanted them to take pictures while I was "in place". It didn't take long till they got right into it!

Annie and her red chest. They designed a bolus to fit onto my chest. Google it if you want to know why :)

Wasn't long till the team were thinking of different pictures to take. Hey, why don't we take one with the lights off, so everyone can see the laser lights????


Hey, I said. don't forget about ME. Can you come get the tape off my arm, so I can lower it down.
(It was really hurting by then!)

And here is what I looked at all the while treatment was going on. These panels replace the ceiling panels that you usually see in a drop ceiling. Can you guess which bird I am???? If you know much about me, you will be able to guess!

 If these don't make you wanna do a self exam, well, they should! Do your exam and do it regularly. You don't wanna have this.....
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Unknown said...

I am very glad that you are sharing these. We need to not be afraid! Awareness in the key.

Jean Campbell said...

How thoughtful to share your experiences so that others can see the importance of regular exams. Your posts will be valuable for those who fear what lies ahead if they have to have the same procedures, as well. What a great team helping you, who made the pics interesting.

I wish for you comfort and serenity through this period of treatment.

Meredith said...

Bless, you, hon. You are brave to go through this and brave to share so openly!

RURAL said...

Amy, it is a good thing to share this with us, the more we are aware, the better.

They look like a great team of people, and I wish you the best.

Let's hope that it encourages women to go get their mammograms.


Annie said...

Thank you for your comments....we're very glad this part of it is over with. Now I just need to start getting my strength up!

Kellie said...

You're incredibly brave!

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