Sunday, March 7, 2010


These pictures were taken a few weeks ago. The Gman was carving up a nice roast, and a certain Somone just had to come and watch!

Like clockwork, da Wolf inches silently closer to the action.....happens every time.

He's just hoping and praying a piece, however small, should happen to fall to the floor....

"Geez Dad, I can't hold out much longer!"

"Oh thank goodness, Mom comes to the rescue!"

Saskatoon Wine on the left....Dandelion Wine on the right. Dinner was great!!
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1 comment:

Julia said...

lol My golden retriever used to lay in the kitchen doorway, cause she wasn't allowed in while we ate.
She watched everyone and noted who dropped. As soon as dishes were being cleared and she was allowed back in, she went straight for the goodie. If there was meat and gravy, she was so relieved that we didn't forget her plate at the end.
Those sad eyes would never let me forget.

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