Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Poll Results - Raising Chickens in the City

Well, the poll on the sidebar is now's the results

a Whopping 80% voted for allowing hens only....
15% voted for allowing both hens and roosters
5% voted for NOT allowing backyard chickens in the city

Where do I stand on the issue? Well....I'd have to go for allowing hens only. Roosters can be problematic. We had some here a year or two ago....and they didn't last all that long. We did them in!

Not only were they crowing at all hours of day or nite....they were so darn rough on my hens! If I want to hatch some baby chicks, my friends down the road have roosters. They'd be more than willing to lend me one or to just give me some fertilized eggs that I could set under one of my broody hens.

I find that hens on their own are pretty quiet....sure they give a good clucking when they lay an egg (and hey, wouldn't YOU?) but aside from that, they are content to be silent and just forage around the yard looking for bugs. And THAT is a benefit to me...they keep the bug population in control somewhat. Now, if I could just keep them out of my flowerbeds!

As far as bad odours go, if one handles the manure pile properly, there is NO smell. If there is a smell, that just means that more carbon is needed for the pile. Alternate layers of manure with a layer of grass clippings, straw, leaves,'ll find the smell goes away if this is done..... Sphere: Related Content


Curbstone Valley Farm said...

Hens only in the City, unless you really don't want to be friends with your neighbors. We have lots of chicks this spring (we purchased from a hatchery), and although we ordered hens only, there is a slight chance we could end up with a roo. We're in the country, so it's legal to have them here, but I'm with you. Unless it's a really nice, well-behaved rooster, they're often more trouble than anything else. We'll have to wait and see what we end up with!

Linda Foley said...

I guess I wasn't paying attention cause I didn't see the poll. But I would agree with the hens only and with what you said about the smell and carbon...

Kellie said...

I agree also, hens only.

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