Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Pasture is Under Water's what I woke up to this morning!!!

Yesterday just after the noon hour, it started raining here....and it rained and rained and rained until after dinnertime.....check this out.

You might think this is Bad...but it's not.

This happens every Spring....and it's a good thing! Since the creek runs thru our property, when there is a snow melt (and there was a lot more snow up high in the mountains) this is what we get.

Followed by all that rain yesterday, which we sorely is the result.

Bottom flooded pasture land suits us just fine.

Neighbours with bottom flooded pasture never have to irrigate.....we'll appreciate that once we get the pasture back in order so we can start haying.

It'll probably stay flooded for a couple of days, then start to subside.

It shouldn't come up any higher....well, it hasn't since we have lived here. If it does, I am in trouble cuz those pigs are down there about 30 feet away from the water level.

I am NOT moving pigs on my own...nope, not gonna do it. I wonder if pigs can swim????
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Anonymous said...

Pigs are very good swimmers.They will keep their head above water and swim like a dog. FK

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing that is a bit more complicated than it first appears. It is probably flooding in the traditional sense, coupled with a rise in the water table. That is why you have all that willow in that area---water tolerant. I imagine the grasses in that area are also water tolerant.

What happened there yesterday, I think, hydrologically speaking, is that the rain dropped into the stream directly and the rain that fell on the surrounding higher ground percolated through the soil, entered the water table, and pushed it up and up until it reached the surface. I could be wrong, but that is more than likely why there is no need for irrigation. I mean, the water table is probably only 15cm to a meter below the surface at all times...depending upon the amount of rain etc.

It is only important in the sense that whatever is spread on that plot of land will end up in your water table, streams, and drinking water...assuming you and your neighbours have wells. Just a little something to think about.

Paula Jo @ outdoor garden decorations said...

I can see you have lots of work ahead of you. The photo of the pig is so cute. Your land is so nice, and wish I could see it. I hope the water goes down fast for you.

Tim and Kari O'Brien said...

I love the look of all of that water! There is something truly wonderful about being water wealthy! At certain times of the year our well is filling up at the unbelievable speeds of 1 quart per minute, however the holding tank saves us. The picture of your water is wonderful and a good sign for the growing season! Cheers!

Annie said...

Thanks FK, good to know.

The pasture grass is largely canary grass, so yes is very water tolerant. From what I have heard, this hay is better for cows than horses....

And...the water is receeding now, and fairly quickly!

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