Friday, April 23, 2010


I've had a lot of trouble with seed germination this Spring. And...I need to seed more flats downstairs so that I can hope to have enough veggies happening later this year.

Cabbages = not bad germination, but I have seeded a couple of times.

Peppers....18 out of 24, but hey! Who needs 18 pepper plants? Can I exchange a few of them for cauliflower, squash, maybe a few flowers?

I was over at Hometown Seeds and ended up with a Survival Pak...

I was really surprised when I got it in the mail....there are enough seeds there to plant 3/4 acre! And...since they are not hybrid or genetically modified, I should be able to save seed successfully on my own!

Oh...and I learned something from Hometown...I was not keeping my seed cold enough. I should have been keeping it in either our cold room or in our freezer. 
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Tim and Kari O'Brien said...

Hi Annie,
Are you saying all seed should be kept so cold? Even in the freezer for cucumbers, sunflowers, etc? That is very interesting and could answer some of the slow seed starts for me.
Is the survivor pack a variety of seed? Fun post. You always have great things to write about!

Annie said...

Kari, here is what the Hometown label says verbatim:

Always store seed sealed, in a dry place, in the dark, and at a cool temperature. The colder the better. A cool basement is good. If you have sufficient space a fridge or freezer is even better.

You can freeze the seeds IF IT IS STILL SEALED. Under ideal conditions, most of the seed will last well over 5 years.

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