Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Brilliant Move!

Why, O Why, did I choose a kitten that blends in so well with our flooring??

She's been underfoot since she got here and I've almost tripped over her already!

She sure looks cute tho, sitting in the windowsill!
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Anonymous said...

Has she met da Wolf yet?

Anonymous said...

I grew up around dogs. Literally, seriously, tens of dogs. My Dad used them to hunt snowshoe hair. Sometimes they would chase bobcats or coyotes or lynx or bear. Dogs! Dogs! Everywhere dogs! I got to know A LOT about dogs. I loved and continue to love dogs. BUT. Big BUT...cats are pretty cool too! Cats are way more intelligent than dogs. Sorry, but it is true! Don't mistake their unwillingness to play stupid human pet trick games with a lack of intelligence. Our cat literally speaks to us. I know when it wants a drink of water (out of the bathroom faucet). I know when it wants to be brushed. I know when she wants to be petted. I know when she wants food. How do I know? The cat literally tells me. She does this strange high-pitched meow-but-not-a-meow thing. I know, too, when it is time for my wife to return from work, because the cat will go wait at the door...but only when it is time for my wife to come home, not a half hour before. At ten-til-five. Cat at the door. I started out brushing the cat, while waiting for my coffee to be ready. It perks for five minutes. The timer I use gives a one minute warning. I stopped combing the cat at the warning bell. Pretty soon the cat walked away from the brushing when the warning bell sounded. Now, the cat will walk away at the four minute mark without the timer being set. I could go on and on, but my point is just pay attention. Watch the cat.... Learn from the cat...see how long it takes before you find yourself doing something for the cat---like petting it---and you feel as though the cat is doing YOU the favor. They're smart...tricky smart! Enjoy the cat!!! Oh...hope you have wolves in the area, because if probably have coyotes and they LOVE to eat cats. Country cats should have their front claws...they can do wonders with front claws. Hard to catch a mouse without front claws---impossible to protect itself without front claws. Without them...hooped!

Annie said...

She has met da Wolf....he would LOVE to be friends with her, but she is still kinda undecided.

Let's say Ginger is getting da Wolf and myself VERY well trained!

Anon, we have a wolf here - he is our protector. There are wild wolves, coyotes, and all other kinds of wildlife....Ginger will defintely be keeping her claws!

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