Saturday, June 19, 2010

Garden Pictures

Main Veggie Garden - still waiting for the veggies on the left hand side to really start popping...

Flowers now on the Strawberries!

Potatoes in the background, strawberries in front.....I have hilled 3 rows of taters so far....many more to go!

Garlic so healthy looking....scapes should be forming any day now!

The first tomato!!!

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Tim and Kari O'Brien said...

Your garden looks so healthy and happy. It is a slow start to the gardens down here this year, but I think your garden is ahead of us!

Cicero Sings said...

Took scapes off this morning ... about half.

Annie said...

Kari, all those horse biscuits we keep adding are doing the trick!

Hi Cicero, still no scapes yet as of July are much earlier than us!

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