Monday, June 21, 2010

The Garden is Popping!

First, one of the flower beds.....the tiger lilies are budding up nicely! Irises are in bloom...the goutweed is threatening an invasion as usual and the sedum is going to bloom yellow soon!

Our Highbush Cranberries are flowering this year, it will be their first time since we planted them 4 years ago! We're hoping for even just a few cranberries this season.

After we moved up here, we discovered there are Wild Cranberry bushes in the woods here...

The greens are coming along nicely...except the Arugala which is already going to flower! I pulled them all this morning.....and I'll be planting more lettuces tomorrow.

The spinach is Awesome! We're eating a lot of it...I LOVE it raw...cooked not so much.

Spinach salad - Yummy!!!

I HAVE to get out there and pull more rhubarb...and look at those raspberry bushes! Can't wait for the berries to ripen.....

We got a lot of work done this weekend, I think we spent pretty much the whole two days outside. Mowing, weeding, clean up....all that work helped me to feel more caught up with my "to do" list around here!

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Cicero Sings said...

I like raw spinach over cooked too!

Aunt Krissy said...

I don't know, a warm spinach salad with a bacon/vingar dressing? And some green onions and chunks of bacon? I might have to have that for dinner tmr. Your flower bed looks great. Can you come here and weed mine?

Nina Diane said...

your gardens look beautiful

Linda Foley said...

I love spinach raw or cooked, it's all good! But kale has it beat, hands down! lol

Annie said...

You know, I have seeded Kale 3 times now in the garden this year....and none has come up!

Giving up on Kale for this year, will just plant more turnips instead!

Thanks for the comments!

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