Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It's The Farming Life for Me!

We are starting to have poppage on the left side of the garden. What a difference a couple days of heat makes!

One thing about gardening up North....I know you can't plant as early as folks farther South but....

when the veggies start growing, it's amazing how fast they shoot up!

Ha! Look at this guy...he has it all! Sitting on his porch, cold beer in hand, dirty jeans from working the soil.....using his Wolf as a footrest, gun in hand for pesky varmints....what more could a Country Guy ask for?
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Karen said...

Love the last photo:)
We're on the wet west coast, so are complaining about the lack of sun and too much rain.
Your longer days make up for the shorter season I guess:)
Do you have much trouble with deer in your garden, as I noticed the fence wasn't high enough to keep them out?

Linda Foley said...

Or a country GAL ask for!!! lol

Annie said...

Karen we have zero trouble with deer in our garden! Da Wolf does a very good job of keeping the wildlife out!!

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