Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Full Steam Ahead on the Gman's Shop

Finally! He has waited a long time but finally we are moving on to the next phase on the Gman's shop! If you want to read about our adventures in getting the foundation done, click on over here

Here's the site. We have done nothing since 2 years breast cancer diagnosis meant a big delay.

On Friday, we had a load of crush dropped....and the Gman rented one of these big tampers....

He used his big machine to put the tamper inside the foundation walls. He had already used his machine to scoop loads of crush and put them in there.


When he finished it looked pretty good! This will just make it easier for framing as the inside will be nice and level. Eventually we will get a concrete slab poured on top of the crush.....

The wheelbarrow sitting outside what will be the big main door.....

The tools are pretty much ready for the framing to start!

Last year, Gman got a heck of a deal on a bunch of windows off of Craigslist. Later today, we will haul them out, look them over and he will decide which ones he wants to use.

We are going to be really busy this week! Tomorrow night late, the Eman and JP arrive. Eman works in construction and really knows what he's doing, so he will be the Supervisor for the shop project.

Thursday, the Nman and Kgal arrive....everyone will be staying until at least Sunday. Yeahhhh! It's going to be wonderful to have all my children in one place up here in the 'Boo!!!

We're hoping to go to the lake one day after work and bring a picnic along....should be fun!

Friday late afternoon, the trusses and roof tin are to be delivered. The Eman figures the shop will be framed by then, and the trusses can get put right onto the roof with the crane.

Here's hoping!

I'll keep taking pics and posting about the progress!
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Tim and Kari O'Brien said...

Have a wonderful time with your family! Nothing is better!!

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