Saturday, August 14, 2010

Berry Bed and New Rhubarb Bed

Yesterday we got the chives and Lovage moved out of the Berry Bed...

in the pic, only the Rhubarb plant is left....

The one side now completely cleaned out.

Here's the new Rhubarb bed. It will be bigger than this, but this is a start!

We separated each of the chive plants as well as the Rhubarb plant.

The Lovage we left as is, altho I had done a good trim job last week.

Now we have to keep this bed watered really really well.

I doubt we will get much top growth this year out of these plants, but that's OK.

We want them to spend time building their root systems before Fall sets in.

And...we got the black plastic laid out over the one half of the Berry Bed.

The plan is to leave it in place for about 3 weeks at least.

At that point, I will need to replant the garlic in there.

 I am so hoping the grass is dead and gone when I lift the plastic off!

I think we will be able to at least double the amount of garlic we had planted in there!
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Kellie said...

So, it's ok to transplant your rhubarb this late in the season if you keep it well watered, to enable to roots to take hold?

Good to know. I'll have to tell my Mother that as she was just here and took home a chunk of mine. I told her that I didn't think it would transplant well this time of year.

Annie said...

Hi Kellie, it is NOT the best time to be moving rhubarb. It's probably not even OK....but sometimes, it is what it is....

Let your Mom know to give it lots of water....I am considering putting an umbrella over mine, just to give it shade for a couple of weeks. It can't hurt....

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