Sunday, January 2, 2011

Feeding Our Animals Cheaper and Healthier!

(Originally posted Sept 14, 2010)

The lower garden....aka The Animal Garden.

Almost everything grown in this garden is for the pigs and chickens....

I have been known to pilfer a beet or two from here tho!

We've got mangels, sugar beets, carrots, red beets, turnips,

rutabagas and lots of potatoes growing in there.

Potatoes and carrots for the pigs.....

Rutabagas and turnips too!

The hens LOVE turnip I usually toss them over the fence for them.

While the pigs wait patiently for their evening meal.....

We feed all veggies RAW to the pigs, just because it is so much easier....

but we do cook the potatoes for them.

Here is our outdoor woodstove down at the barn.

right now there are two canners full of potatoes being cooked.

We do 2 at a time, so we don't have to light the stove everyday.

The pigs get one canner a day.

Feeding lots of veggies saves big time on our feed store bill....

plus, the pork tastes a LOT better (we think!)

Meanwhile, Gman takes the weedwhacker to the buckwheat stand.

Remember I planted that in the newest strawberry bed?

Buckwheat helps a lot as a green manure.

We let it go to seed then whack it down and feed it to the animals.

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Linda Foley said...

Potatoes do need to be cooked for pigs. I am glad I don't have to cook them for my goats though! The goats are leaning to like them now, but they turned their noses up at them at first.

It is so nice that you can feed your pigs so well on fresh greens and roots.

Angie said...

do you have a secret to planting carrots, i can not get mine to grow, or only 1/8 of what i plant.

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