Tuesday, January 4, 2011

11th Annual Weblog Awards - The Bloggies

The nominations for the 11th Annual Weblog Awards are open! These are the big ones, the ones that Pioneer Woman and Dooce often win.

Here's the website -  If you want to see who won in 2010, just go there at the top. They have all the winners listed there since 2001.

There are many categories including Best Food, Best Kept Secret blog, Best Canadian (woooo), Best Travel, Best Topical, Best Parenting, etc. etc. Hmmmm, I wonder why they don't have a Best Gardening blog???? They are open to suggestions, so feel free to inquire about any other categories you might want to see included.

Make sure your read thoroughly through the "Understand the Procedure" section. They are pretty serious about what they do, and you need to understand it before you nominate your best blogs!

How many of you read certain bloggers every single day? Come on, how many of you do?? Well, they can't win unless you nominate them, right?

Nominations close January 16. After that the voting starts and the voters are made of folks just like YOU. Make sure to check the box saying that you want to be included in the voting!

Have fun! Nominate your most loved blogs! Sphere: Related Content

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