Wednesday, January 12, 2011

How to Make Salsa

(originally posted Sept 2, 2010)

We've been making up batches of salsa, using some of those fantastic tomatoes we got last weekend....pick up the recipe over is Worth making, it is so good!

I think we've done about 30 half pints and will probably do another 20.

 We love a good snack of Salsa and chips!

I don't know why I have never grown my own Cilantro....I should tho as I need it for our Salsa.

I always get it from my Valley friend, who has lots of it at her place.

Here's a batch of Salsa, simmering away....

And, when we're not doing Salsa, we seem to be canning up lots and lots of Tomato Sauce....

It's a busy time doing all this preserving, but it is certainly worth it. We'll be able to eat year round out of garden this way....and we like knowing what we eat!
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Kellie said...

That is almost the exact recipe I use for salsa. This year I've also tried another recipe that is sweet and spicy - easier too as the tomatos don't have to be pealed or seeded.

umbrellalady said...

I can almost smell your wonderful salsa cooking! It is so satisfying to eat one's own summer's bounty when the snow is a couple feet deep and the wind is howling outside.

Annie said...

We've already been dipping into the salsa supply....and Kellie, I actually didn't peel the tomatoes either...

Cedar View Paint Horses said...

Be careful with Cilantro. It can spread worse than dill!

Annie said...

Hmmm Andy would that be why my neighbour always has so much of it each year?

Maybe I will just keep asking her for some, instead of planting my own. Thanks!

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