Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I Found some Beautiful Wine Openers.....

Wow, there are some beautiful Rogar wine openers over here! I imagine some folks have very upscale wine rooms, and a beautiful estate wine opener would be a gorgeous addition. Don't you think? They have a variety of champion wine opener, which are very very nice as well! It would be hard for me to choose one!

I love the pewter ones, they are just beautiful.

You've seen the pictures of our wine making room before....the last thought that comes to my mind is "upscale" when I look around our room! But since dreaming is free, I can think about fancying up the room!

I'd love to have dark cherry wood walls and wine racks built right in.....a table and comfy chairs for wine tasting...and some good friends to come and share with us.
Anyone have a room set aside for wine tasting? Sphere: Related Content

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