Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Very Cool Homemade Levelling Tool

The other day, I posted about our neighbour coming over with his bulldozer and levelling the area around the shop.

I thought he did such a great job, we wouldn't even need to do any raking out.

He thought I was wrong......

and he brought over this little cool!

You just pull it behind an ATV or even an SUV for that matter, anything with a hitch. So the Gman climbed on and started going around and around and around and get the picture.

Looks nice eh?

Da Wolf lays up by the road to watch the traffic go by....ha!

Traffic?  What traffic??? We are out in the boonies

Here is a close up.....can you see that it is made of Tposts?

He welded 3 of them together (for a total of 15) then he ran chain thru them.

And that is it! And it levels the ground so nicely and easily!

A close up so you can really see the Tposts....yet another use for versatile Tposts! Luv it!!!
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Linda Foley said...

Cool Annie

Aunt Krissy said...

I have seen something like that for levelling out snowmachine trails, but with bed springs and bricks on top to make it heavy. So I guess not really like that at all!

umbrellalady said...

Amazing what a great job t-posts can do raking/levelling a yard!

Annie said...

yup Krissy, and I am reminded that my dad used to tow an old wrought iron railing (you know with the decorated iron leaves on them??) up and down his driveway to level it.

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