Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Our Porch

Now that September is here with its much cooler temperatures, so far at least.....I need to take a bit of time and sort thru some of the outdoor planters on the porch.

I think it's time some of them got taken care of.

Some are still looking Good!!! Luving the deep purple petunias....

they just keep going and going.

And I'm really happy with the progress of the peppers.

We have been picking them off to make salsa with.

 I'm thinking next year I may put pots full of flowers in these decorative planters.

Wouldn't they look better full of flowers rather than the peppers?

I could put the peppers in a larger container. Or put all the peppers in the greenhouse.

Then, there are my salad bowl planter. Remember I made a few of these up to save me a trip down into the garden at dinner time?

And it did work, we have been regularly trimming leaves for salads.

But now they are looking tired so I think I am going to pull out the plants for the hens and add the soil to one of our garden beds.

Today I pulled all the beets out of the main veggie garden.

I got 4 jars of pickled beets ready to go, and then one broke in the canner :(

Tomorrow I'll be canning up the rest of that bucket of beets!

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umbrellalady said...

I like cleaning everything up at the end of the season, doing that is just part of the rhythm of nature.

lbc flower delivery philippines said...
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