Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Starting to Wrap Things Up

We've had a lot of rain the last week or has certainly brought the temperatures down!

Down so much, in fact that we have been lighting the woodstove.

We build a fire in the morning just to take the chill off....

The Main garden is a MESS!

Yesterday, Gman and I pulled all the chickweed we could find....we filled 7 old feed bags!

That is a LOT of chick weed!

Dayummm, I hate that stuff!

I can't compost it, can't feed it to the animals (as they don't digest it well enough to keep it from coming back....if ya know what I mean)

So, I put it all in old feed bags and take it to the dump!

Queen Ginger says...."do NOT disturb me when I am napping.

I will let you know when you may take my picture."

Just like a cat, isn't it?

Looking down the Valley....look at that Asparagus! What a hot mess!

There are a lot of weeds in there...sigh....

Neighbours down the Valley had their fields hayed this year....

you can still see some round bales sitting in the field.

Yesterday we picked up the Tyvec for putting on the outside of the shop....

last week we had another load of road base brought today

Gman will be doing the tamping thing again.

He'll also pick up rebar and Pex line when he goes to town later today...

He has scheduled the slab concrete pour for the inside of the shop for Sept 16th.

Me? I'll be in the garden!
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Karen said...

Give me chickweed over buttercups any day:)
Wondering why you can't compost it?

umbrellalady said...

Did you know that you can eat the tops of chickweed in you salads or make pesto out of it,has some medicinal uses, etc? Just check to make sure it is the right type - has hairs going up one side of the stem until it hits a set of leaves than switches to the next side and inside is like a rubber band.

Aunt Krissy said...

But it is easy to pull up. Not like some weeds that have deep roots. Not that really helps. Weeds are just a gardens curse.

Linda Foley said...

If AJ sticks around after Jim has his surgery, I think we are going to opt for wood this year...

Linda Foley said...

Hey maybe eating the chickweed would be a good thing? *shrug*

Chickweed Nutrition
Chickweed is very nutritious and is used in salads and soups, in the raw form. Apart from the use of its fresh form as salad green, chickweed can be added to tea or alcohol extract (tincture). It is very delicious and healthy, as it contains many nutrients, healthy components, proteins, fiber, essential fatty acids, etc. It contains saponins, gamma-linolenic acid (GLA is a type of omega-6 fatty acid), coumarin, flavonoids (rutin), hydroxycoumarin, etc. along with a host of minerals and vitamins. It is a rich source of aluminum, calcium, chromium, copper, magnesium, manganese, iron, silicon and zinc. Moderate amounts of vitamin A, B vitamins, vitamin C, chlorophyll, potassium and fiber are also found in this plant. The saponins reduce the thickness of the cell membranes, facilitating the increased absorption of nutrients and also cleanses the body by dissolving the plaque in arteries, fats and other toxic materials. As mentioned earlier, chickweed uses also include its use as a feed for some animals and birds.

Annie said...

I HATE chickweed so much I would never dream of eating it!

Karen, we did give it to the pigs, but they didn't digest it well enuf. So we ended up with lots more than we started with!

So I am very leery of either feeding it to the hens or composting it. I like to pull it and get it off the property lol!

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