Saturday, September 4, 2010

Random Pics and Babble

The framing inspection went very well yesterday...we passed.

After the inspector left, the Gman finished cutting out the window holes....

The next thing is to Tyvek the outside walls and install the windows. Then, the concrete slab can be poured inside the shop.

The Gman wants to get the front doors built....then that will be it for the shop for this year!

Just a few of the many stumps the Gman pulled out of the ground surrounding the shop.

Dinner a few nites ago...roasted homegrown chicken with rosemary....delicious!

Annie trying to get Ginger out of the tree.....da Wolf encourages Ginger to come down!

Some wild (?) horses we saw on a recent road those rolling Cariboo hills!

Enjoy your Saturday! Are you doing anything special for the long weekend?

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Dani said...

Whooopee! So glad the inspector passed all your hard work!!

Those stumps look just like firewood to me LOL.

Have a lovely weekend - you're in such a beautiful place - thank you for sharing the photo's.

Aunt Krissy said...

Yes, I'm sure that da Wolf was a big her getting up in the tree!

Kellie said...

What a pile of stumps! Bet they were tough to get out!

No big plans. Maybe have Aunt Krissy over to drink wine :)

Annie said...

Gman got the stumps out using his excavator otherwise it would have taken forever!

We'll burn them up later this Fall, once we get a bit of snow cover....

Krissy, oddly enuf, da Wolf was not involved in that!

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