Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The View Yesterday Morning

Ummmm, hello? It's not winter yet is it?

I was awake a few times in the night and hear the rain pouring down. Then I woke up again and heard....nothing. Ah, good I thought, maybe I can get back in the garden today.

Ummmm, no! Turns out that nothing I heard was the snow falling!

This is the Cariboo reminder....start picking things up that are laying around in the yard. Pick them up soon or risk not seeing them again until April!
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Cindy said...

The picture is post card beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I was just on a GA farm blog where she said it was too hot! too funny.
Beautiful isn't it?

Linda Foley said...

Wow! It's that time is it? It's not that far off here either, but not quite that close!

~mel said...

eeew... the white stuff~ I can't even bring myself to say the "S" word yet. I know it's just a matter of time and the same thing will be happening in my neck of woods too. HOW true though about it being a reminder to pick up whats laying around the yard; because it's true... it's gone til April otherwise.

Tim and Kari O'Brien said...

Wow, what a surprise, my mouth dropped open to see the snow!! And what a beautiful picture.

Annie said...

I am Soooo very grateful we have not seen that again yet this Fall!

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