Thursday, September 23, 2010

Pouring the Slab at the Shop

Last week, we had some guys come out to pour the concrete slab in Gman's shop. But first....

rebar had to be laid down....and tied....this resulted in sore knees, believe me!

The orange tubing is Pex.....the Gman wanted it put in,

in case we end up getting a boiler.

Having a boiler outside means we wouldn't have to use the woodstove inside for heat....

just throw a few long logs in the boiler twice a day, and it will heat everything thru the water

that would run in this tubing.

Here you can see the cement being's a nice thick layer of concrete

so that Gman can eventually have big machinery (think his excavator

or logging trucks) inside to work on them. Having the thick

slab and lots of heavy rebar should mean the floor won't crack!

Here's hoping!

The concrete guys did a beautiful job of placing and finishing....

then Gman put two coats of sealer on the concrete. He did this so future clean ups of oil spills, etc

will be much easier. He is sooo happy with the way the shop is turning out!!!
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1 comment:

Linda Foley said...

Cool! But, uhum - where's the finished picture? :D

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