Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Pigs are Done....Off to Freezer Camp

The last pig has been taken care of.....

if you're new to reading our blog, we buy lil weaner pigs in the early Spring.

They're maybe 40 pounds when we get them and over 200 pounds when we slaughter....

We raise 'em up here on the farm, growing them out on some grain.

They don't get much grain....we raise them out on pasture, plus feed them lots of veggies.

They taste fantastic! Must be all that pasture they eat....

then they are finished on all those healthy veggies....

Want to see the butchering process?

Go ahead and take a look, we don't have pictures of the

slaughtering, it's just the butchering.

I'm convinced that if more people knew how their "grocery store meat" was treated and handled, they would Never buy from a grocery store.

We make sure our animals have a wonderful life for the time they are with us....they get to run around and forage, root around and eat lots of bugs, worms and really good food.

A couple of pics from our pork this year...

prior to Gman cutting it into roasts, steaks, chops and bacons....yummy stuff!

We do all our own brining and smoking of the hams and bacons...check this out

if you want to see how it works.

There's smoking of fish on that link as well....just scroll down a bit and you will

see the pork post.

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The Mom said...

Yum! Pigs are so wonderful in so many ways. I wish I could have a couple here.

Richelle said...

Thankfully our pig-slaughtering is still a couple of months ahead of us. Wouldn't know where to stock it all, as the freezers now hold lots of veggies and also still quite a bit of meat from last March slaughtered pig. We've run out on one kind of the sausages we make, so by the time the new ones will be cured (half January) they will be very warmly received! Nothing tastes better than Happy Meat!

Cathy said...

Here Here! Thumbs Up! Kudos! Great post. People should know how their grocery store meat is handled. We have so many wild pigs here in southwest Oklahoma they're a nuisance to farmers, but they're pasture fed! That's where we get our pork!

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