Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Inexpensive and Ingenious Goat Housing

Yesterday I was poking around the internet, checking a bunch of stuff out. When our season slows down, it gives me time to go check out some of our followers blogs.

So yesterday I was reading over at Lisa's blog...and one of her posts just wow'ed me. You all know how I espouse finding inexpensive ways to get things done around your farm. Hands down, I still think the BEST way to provide for your own family and then start slowly to expand is to NOT spend a lot of money.

Check out my post on how to begin providing for your family. This focuses on inexpensive ways to get started.

So, back to Lisa's family in the Maritimes. Lisa and Dave and their young son  have a few goats and chickens. The goats needed a new goat house.

Here's where it gets so totally cool....pop over and check this out! I don't want to give it away here in this post, I want you to go over and see what Dave came up with!

Smart guy!! Anyone who recycles like this is pretty cool in our books! He came up with a way to provide housing for his goats in inclement weather....for a total cost of $14.

Forget building a small barn for thousands of dollars....forget getting a pre fab pen for thousands of dollars.

Forget even buying cattle panels at about $60 a pop and then having to lace them together....

Use your head, a little ingenuity and spend $14 and do it Dave's way!! Sphere: Related Content

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