Thursday, December 2, 2010

Ever Been to the North? I Mean Wayyyyy Up North....

A little while ago, the Gman got a new job. It's up North. And by Up North, I don't mean the Cariboo, where we live.

Where, if you actually look at a map of British Columbia, you will see that we live in the Southern Central part of BC.

When we talk to our friends down on the Coast, they think WE live up North. I'll tell ya, there is a LOT more North above us.

Want to see?

First, he drove to Edmonton.

 I was glad he left when he did, as later that same day, it snowed and snowed and snowed here all day

In Edmonton he got on a plane and flew north.....

You know what that is on the ground?

It's Tundra.

Miles and miles and miles of tundra....

Gman said he saw the end of the tree line.

And from that point on, there was nothing but


200 Kilometers south of the Arctic Circle.

So really, this is probably what the Arctic Circle looks like.

Well, without trucks, telephone poles and the odd building.

And Bigggg Trucks. Really Big Trucks....

And kilometers (or miles) of desolate landscape...

with nothing to buffer the strong winds.

In other words....yes, wide openTundra.

There's some big machinery....

See how big those machines are? The picture is taken in

a pickup truck.

It looks like the tires are twice as high as the pickup!

Oh comes another one....

All these big vehicles are brought in along the Ice Roads....

as in Ice Road Truckers.....yes those same roads.

While he was away, we talked every day on the statellite phone.

Maybe one day I'll get used to the delay that is there on the line.

We talked over each other a lot the first couple nights!

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Cedar View Paint Horses said...

Tell him to stay safe and warm! I'd like to experience that one day (then get the hell outta there!)

umbrellalady said...

I lived in Yellowknife one summer as a summer student eons ago and it was lovely but other than being in Churchill I haven't been above the treeline. It surely would be an experience to be there for a bit, little dark thought this time of year.

Linda Foley said...

Probably a bit like real up north Alaska! Dang, that does NOT sound like fun to me...

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