Friday, December 3, 2010

More Wood

We have it pretty much figured out....

the mudroom will hold 2 weeks worth of wood in very cold weather.

(Mudroom being that odd little addition to our house that buffers us from the

great outdoors. It also holds an assorment of badly matched boots, gloves, coats

dog leashes etc.)

So we had to fill the mudroom again as we had used all the firewood.

We felt our priorties were in the right order

by first putting a large bottle of Stout in the snow

to cool while we were working.

A full woodroom is a very comforting thing....

Fill a lot of wheelbarrows full...

toss them in the back door, stack them and then........

the Gman enjoyed a nice cold glass (or two) of Stout.

I'm more of a Lager gal myself....

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Linda Foley said...

The wood looks good and the beer well - excellent!

Eric said...

Your wood looks better than my tarp covered pile. I'm looking out at it right now watching it get buried under snow.

mmmmm I think the g-man has excellent tastes.

By the way are y'all still usin that electric splitter? I've been meanin to upgrade from hand splitin, but am wondering how well one of them will split my oak.

Hope you are enjoying your second warming with your fire as I'm sure ur much colder den we are.

Eric said...

I forgot that I was meanin to also ask if you like your electric wood splitter and would you by it again if you had the chance.

Annie said...

Eric, we would DEFINITELY buy that wood splitter again, in a heartbeat.

Unreal how much easier it is to get a lot of firewood done in quick time....I asked the Gman and he figured that the splitter would for sure split oak.

We don't have oak trees here so we have not done it personally....

Where abouts are you?

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