Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A New Ladder for Chimney Cleaning

I am a little late in posting this. The Gman actually did this in early Fall.

Every time he goes up on the roof, it freaks me out!

You wouldn't ever catch me up there....

but then heights aren't my thing.

They don't bother Gman at all.

See the wooden ladder that is attached to the roof?

That ladder has been there since 1999, when this house was built.

And every year since 2006, when we moved here....

the Gman has said "I really need to replace that ladder"

And last year he said...."If we don't replace that ladder before next winter,

I am NOT going up on the roof to clean the chimney."

So, this Fall we finally bought a good construction grade

ladder to replace the old soft wooden one.

Here Gman gets ready by putting on his safety harness.

And...up he goes.

See the ladder just peeking in on the right side?

That is the new ladder that he will attach in place.

OK, he made it up that worn out ladder, thank goodness!

First, he works on getting rid of the little ladder

that is on the Other side of the roof.

It has been "hinged" for lack of a better word.

Hinged to the longer ladder on this side of the roof.

Pulling up the new ladder.....I should mention he wasn't alone doing this job.

He had a friend here helping out from ground level.

Me? What was I doing? Taking pictures of course!

Oh...and shaking, with a flip floppy stomach.

Now, he has the new ladder in place. See the small wooden ladder?

That will be the ladder that "hinges" over the roof peak. It will

help to hold the longer ladder in place.

At this point, he has hooked the 2 ladders together.

And here he comes...back down on the ground...

where he belongs!

He deserved a beer after that job, don't you think????

A few days later, he climbed back up on the roof on the new ladder.

Using his reciprocating saw, he cut that old ladder in several

pieces and then tied them to a rope to send them down to the ground.

We were both very glad when this big job was finished!
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Oh Annie, I'm glad everyone is safe! Looks like quite a chore!

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