Monday, December 6, 2010

More Decorating for the Holidays

The Gman gathered some nice looking willow branches and brought them up to the front porch.

I crumpled up a bunch of newspaper and stuck them into

my tall green flower container.

With the willow branches arranged and a few decorations added,

I think it looks quite nice.

Last year I hung our Christmas cards on the branches.

I just used a hole punch and then tied a loop with

red Christmas ribbon and it looked really nice!

Ginger could not resist it tho....she has knocked it

down once. I think it scared her pretty bad, so hopefully

she will leave it alone now!

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1 comment:

Theres just life said...

That looks really nice. I haven't decorated yet, I better get on the stick. With all my dogs I have been afraid to put up the tree.

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