Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Follow Up to "Here, Have Some Methyl Iodide on Your Strawberries"

About 6 weeks ago, I put up a post about the Chemicals being put on the Strawberries that YOU buy at your grocery store. It's over on over and refresh your mind by reading it again.

Eddie, one of our readers from New England, made such a good and thought provoking comment that I want to post it so you can all read it:

Thanks for posting, Annie.
When I find these articles, I am no longer shocked, but I sure am dismayed.
Politicians and big business are not good for the masses of people.
Who is the more effective manager of the land? The small farmer who plants windbreaks to conserve soil and wildlife and plans to pass the farm to his family. Or the corporate manager who is more interested in short-term profits.
Who is more likely to safeguard the local wells and aquifers? The small farmer, who drinks the well water. Or the corporate officer who does not live on or near the land.
These answers are obvious.
So now we have more and more use of dangerous "whatevers" in growing our food supply.
Annie, I wished that I lived on a large organic farm where I controlled the inputs used in raising my crops. My mind would then be more at ease.

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