Friday, January 28, 2011

Moving Feed in Winter

Moving bags of animal feed is pretty easy in the summertime....

If it's just one bag, it's pretty easy to sling it over our shoulders

and carry it down the pathway to the barn.

The feed comes in 50 lb. bags.

We also have a road behind the barn....if we have lots of bags of feed

(like when we have the meat birds or the pigs)

we can just open the gate and drive down this access road

right to the back of the barn.)

That is pretty much impossible to do when there is this much snow on the ground.

This is the stovepipe of the woodstove sitting outside down

at the barn. We use it to cook up feed for the Pigs.

The fencing is 4 feet high...that gives you an idea of how much snow

we have on the ground now.

Since we don't plow the access road in the wintertime (too long,

too much trouble) we're moving feed this way.

Load up the toboggan and slide it down the pathway you can see in the second picture.

It's a pretty easy chore, except for when I get to the downhill part close to the barn.

Then I have to run to avoid getting clipped by the toboggan as it is

picking up steam!

Gman was standing up by the house watching me and I could hear him yelling

"Run Annie Run!"

I may actually ride the toboggan down this pathway just once...

just to feel like a kid again!
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umbrellalady said...

Riding the toboggan is a great idea!

Karen said...

We've used the toboggan too, to haul hay around. Maybe you could just sit on the feed bags on the toboggan and all arrive down at the barn together (hopefully right side up and all in one piece):)

Linda Foley said...

Oh my gosh! No wonder you are surprised with my green grass and digging in the garden! Ummm... I think I will stay here... :D

Theres just life said...

If it was me Gman would have some explaining to do when when I got back to the house. That is if I could find out where he was hiding, to avoid the snowball attack I would launch.

I agree riding that downhill spot would be fun, and save you some bruised heels.

Annie said...

I'm not sure I want to take the chance of riding along with the feed bags...trying it with just me on the toboggan might happen tho!

TJlife...the Gman was actually going to bring all the feed done but he had other stuff to do to get us ready to leave the Valley for our trip to the Island...I think he then just watched to see if I would make it!

Anonymous said...

Hi Annie!
Oh gosh, I laughed so hard at the thought of you racing ahead of the toboggan!

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