Monday, January 10, 2011

Frugal Skills Needed for 2011 - A Great Post (Link)

Kat from over on Homesteading on the Internet wrote a great post New Years Day.

It's all about living frugally in 2011.

We ALL know that groceries are going up (a lot!).

Feed for our pets and our barn animals is also rising....

Head on over here and read Kat's post - it's really informative!

As I type this, the news is on and I have just heard...

"Soy corn and wheat has jumped double digits and sugar is rising as well..."
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Debi said... topic...but I also LOVE your valley friend's blog, but seem unable to leave comment. tell her for me that she is also now 'saved' as a favorite, and I look forward to hearing more about her interesting life. her little house and mine are so similar, except we only have one loft bedroom upstairs with the other space as a closet. little is...cozy!

katlupe said...

Thank you for this link to my blog today. Most of my traffic came from your blog. Thanks so much for that!

Tim and Kari O'Brien said...

Hmmm, if you can't grow it don't eat it?! That may be the best practice for 2011!

Annie said...

You're welcome Kat :) I love spreading the word.

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