Sunday, January 9, 2011

Want to Learn More About Growing Your Own Food?

Welcome to the new followers that have come across this blog! We're glad you're here. Maybe you arrived from BlogFrog? Or NetworkedBlogs on Facebook?

I am trying to do a few new things in order to promote this blog. Gman and I believe strongly in trying to get the word out to people about growing their own food. Is it working?

If you've got an hour (or even a few minutes) and want to learn more about why and how we grow our own food, click here. Grab a cup of hot tea and get comfortable...and enjoy.

There's lots of pictures of our seed starting, transplanting, veggies growing, harvesting, canning, freezing and lots more.

We spend VERY little on food at the grocery store. To begin a more healthy lifestyle, stay out of those middle aisles. Everything you need is on the outside perimeter of the store....

Enjoy your Sunday!

PS We love comments! If you have any questions, just ask! Sphere: Related Content

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