Monday, January 17, 2011

Greenhouse Maintenance

Yes there is maintenance that needs to be done on greenhouses in the winter....

namely, getting the snow off the roof after a heavy fall....

A few years ago, my neglect caused this to happen.

And I don't want it to ever happen again!

Here's our greenhouse in late Spring.

we grow peppers, some corn and tomatoes inside.

These heat loving veggies are too difficult to grow outside

here in the Cariboo, because of the extreme

temperature swings from day to nite.

Corn, peppers and Tomatoes gone crazy! Tied up with strings...

these are a few of my favourite things.

Soooo, with all this snow we have been having, there was a pretty

good load of it sitting on the greenhouse roof.

The other day I shovelled a path from the main path to

the greenhouse, and then brought a broom inside.

Using the business end (don't use the handle end - you WILL

poke holes in the roof!) I kept giving the roof nudges with

the broom until the snow gave way.  Here you can see that,

altho it is off the roof, it has now piled up along the sides.

It was getting dark so I left it like that overnite.

But, the snow HAS to be moved away from the sides....

or your greenhouse sides could cave in, due to all

the pressure from the pushing snow.

A little while later, here's the job done (for now)

I've got about a 3 foot area dug out all around the greenhouse.

If a Lot more snow falls, this job needs to be repeated.

Cuz, if I want to grow lots of great food inside....

I have to make sure I do the Winter maintenance.

Have you been looking after your greenhouse this Winter?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Annie! :)
Wow, that was quite a crash last year, eek! I would love to say I'm taking care of my greenhouse, but I don't have one yet! :) Yet...soon though. Cariboo must be such a lovely place to live!

Annie said...

Hi Rain, welcome to the blog, I think you are from HT?? When are you thinking of getting a greenhouse? We were able to put ours up in a weekend. We had the poly on hand so just used that instead of buying the 10 ml greenhouse poly. That will last longer.

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