Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Monsanto launches deceptive ad campaign in desperate attempt to improve image

(NaturalNews) Monsanto has become the new Marlboro, with a new advertising campaign designed to improved its hopelessly-tarnished image. Except instead of handsome cowboys smoking cigarettes, Monsanto is plastering images of hardy American farmers and their crop fields on billboards and bus stops throughout the nation. The new ad campaign, of course, is a desperate attempt to convince the public that the company is not only working in the best interests of U.S. agriculture, but is also responsible for creating and maintaining millions of American farm jobs in the process, both of which are patently false.

Monsanto has always glowingly endorsed and self-promoted itself as the agricultural savior of the world, despite the fact that its biotechnological developments have led to far more agricultural problems than ever before. Pesticide and herbicide resistance, widespread environmental contamination, perpetual dependence on non-renewable seeds, the emergence of "superweeds", and even crop failures are included on the laundry list of genetically-modified (GM) destruction foisted on the public by Monsanto.

But the company is working overtime to cover up reality with a steady stream of deceptive marketing propaganda. Monsanto's website states:

"9 billion people to feed. A changing climate. NOW WHAT? Producing more. Conserving more. Improving farmers' lives. That's sustainable agriculture. And that's what Monsanto is all about."

It is truly amazing that a company propagating genetically-engineered, self-destructing seeds that require heavy pesticide and herbicide applications in order to grow as intended, would claim that its agricultural system is sustainable. In reality, Monsanto's technology is arguably the most unsustainable form of agriculture.

Monsanto also claims that its technologies produce more food, conserve resources and improve lives. But in practice, its biotechnology systems deplete soil health, pollute the environment, and force farmers to be dependent on biotechnology companies for seeds and chemicals, all of which are hardly a recipe for sustainability and self-dependancy. Sphere: Related Content


Linda Foley said...

I sure hope people can see through their lies!

Tanya Murray said...

I only have to see the word "Monsanto" and my blood boils and my blood pressure rises. In 10 years time we will be hopelessly shaking our heads with an irrepairable mess and sus-standard foods.

katlupe said...

Look at how many people do not have any idea of what is going on! They have no clue what Monsanto even means or who they are. I try to get the word out but some people don't pay attention until it is too late. Then they will say, "what happened?"

Annie said...

Oh me too, me too!

I can't stand Monsanto. Kat I think we all have to do our part to spread the word about Monsanto and what they are really about!

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