Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Snow, Snow and More Snow

Here's what we came home to the other day.

Lots and lots of pathways to be cleared again.

Our Valley friends helped us out by looking after our chickens

and knocking the snow off the greenhouse roof.

The day we were coming home, the Gman phoned another neighbour

and he very kindly came and plowed our driveway for us.

We were able to get in and unpack everything, even though

it was still snowing...and snowing....and snowing.

The next day the Gman had to clear the driveway again -

we're grateful for his excavator!

The garden fenceposts are almost covered. The snow has slid off the roof again

once since we have been home, but overall the weather is quite cold. -20C

We filled the mudroom again with wood. These two full rows of wood

will last for 2 weeks of really cold weather. I'm glad it is full again!
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1 comment:

Lynda said...

Oh My! I feel bad I've been complaining about the four nights we just had below freezing...I'm way too spoiled!

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