Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Contest on The Journey to Homesteading!

From April 1 - May 1, The Journey to Homesteading is having a Contest!
The reason? We're hoping to recruit lots of new members! For those of us who are already Members, we know there is so much great information there on our forums.
We want more and more people to become interested in gardening, raising animals, building and all the others things we talk about there on a daily basis.

Make sure you enter, which is easy to do. All you have to do is post!

First Prize:

A beautiful handmade (in Canada) Welcome sign. It's 11 inches high and 18 inches long. The background panel is Western Red Cedar that has been lightly burnt and then finised with an exterior urethane. The edge banding is pvc plastic finished in tarnish resistant copper mica powder. The lettering is a composite wood product, coated with epoxy. This prize has a value of $100 and includes free shipping.

Wouldn't this Welcome Sign look fantastic at your driveway entry? Or how about at your garden gate?

This Welcome sign has been created by Lawrence of Retro Road Vintage Sign Company. Based in Parksville BC, Lawrence has a wide variety of signs suitable for any occasion. Please visit his web site at

Second Prize:

Those great folks at Tattler Reusable Canning Lids are giving away 4 dozen (yes! 4 dozen) of their fantastic reusable canning lids and seals. I tried these last year with some of our canning and they work great. They are BPA free, which is very important. All the reviews I have read from people who have used these seals have been very positive. Using these seals and rings does away with the need to replenish your supply every year. Some people have been reusing these seals for years and years.

Check out Tattler's website at

Third Prize:

I have one copy left of our 2011 Country Living in a Cariboo Valley Calendar. Chock full of gardening tips and tricks, you will get a lot of use from this prize. Colour photos of life around our Cariboo Valley are on each page. Since we are already partway into 2011, the Winner will also be able to order the 2012 Calendar at half price!

Check out the Calendar details at

So what do you have to do to enter the Contest? It's easy!

1. Register to become a member of The Journey to Homesteading Forum.

2. Make a minimum of 5 posts between April 1 - May 1. Of course, we are hoping you will enjoy it so much at The Journey that you will continue posting and become part of the community!

3. If you are the lucky winners, you must supply me with a digital photo of you with your prize. This is to show validity about the Contest prizes and is for the benefit of all members and readers.

Of course, we are hoping you will enjoy The Journey to Homesteading Forum that you will continue posting and become part of the community!

Note: This Contest is open to ALL members of The Journey to Homesteading Forum. Folks who have been members there prior to April 2 are still entered into the Contest. They will need to make the 5 posts between April 2 - May 2, just like everyone else.
Administrators (and spouses) of The Journey to Homesteading Forum are NOT eligible to enter the Contest. Moderators are eligible.

Please feel free (and encouraged) to spread the word about The Journey to Homesteading and the Contest to your friends and family.

You can put the links up on your Facebook and Twitter as well as any other forums or discussion boards you think will welcome this information.

Update: Follow us on Twitter! We are @CaribooValley

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Unknown said...


I've been checking your blog almost daily since I discovered it. I'm really interested in having my own farm one day, but I'm attending university, so I live vicariously through blogs like this one. I was looking at the forum and it seems that people there already have farms and know a lot about animals, gardening, and a self-sufficient lifestyle. I know little about that and have little experience, as I live in an apartment complex at the moment. I was wondering, is there a place for interested college kids like me at the forum, or should I stick to reading blogs?

Thanks, Amanda

katlupe said...

Annie, I posted about the contest too this morning. Talk about being on the same wave length!

Amanda, there is definitely a place for you on the forum! We'd love to have you join and ask questions or discuss your ideas.

(sorry Annie for commenting on a comment on your blog.)

Annie said...

Hi Amanda, thank you for reading about what we have been doing here. Yes there is definitely a place for you over at The Journey to Homesteading.

There are many things you can do, even if you live in an apartment. Granted, you can't do what you could with a backyard, but you can take advantage of all the great food at your local Farmer's Markets, maybe you could do some balcony gardening?

Why not sign up for The Journey and start a thread over there about aparment living and wanting a more self sufficient life?

Come on over - there are several members over there who would be willing to lend a hand.

Annie said...

Thanks Kat for that post - and thank you also for answering Amanda.

I love it when our commenters do that!

Unknown said...

Hi Annie!
You know, I smile every time I read your posts!

Count me in on the contest. Oh my!!! How I would love the Tattler lids and the calendar.

Since I'm moving again (argh) I wouldn't know where to hang the sign. ROFL At least I will definitely check out the Journey more! It will be on a farm!!! ;-)

Hugs Annie,
Have a great day!

Annie said...

Amanda, really glad you have signed up over on The Journey!

Sassy, you're in...just need 5 posts between April 1 and May 1.

So glad to hear you are going to be moving to the country - good for you!

cripplewing said...

Hello I love your blog. I live on the island but have a small cabin in the Cariboo. Wish I was there.Your pictures entice....and make me want to head to the Caiboo. Keep up the good work for all of us wannabees.

Annie said...

Cripplewing, thanks for the comment and Welcome.

Come on over to The Journey, we'd love to have you there

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