Sunday, April 3, 2011

It Happened on Friday!

It happened. IT. One of the major hints to me that Winter and the snow are on the way out, and Spring, sunshine and warmth are on the way in.

Feb 24, 2011

In the morning, April 1

I can see the corners of my berry bed and some of the pathway blocks!

Bare spots under the trees getting larger every day

Late afternoon, April 1

On a sunny morning, the path to the barn has no more snow on it. It's April 2 (for future reference).

Could this be the end of the snow? I hope so - I am ready for Spring to get here.
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Lynda said...

I don't live where it snows often, but I have a cabin/vacation home up in the mountains that is under tons of snow at the I'm just waiting for the *melt*. I admire you being able to live and thrive in such a harsh environment. Your homestead is beautiful...snow or not. Soon you'll be out in your gardens.

~mel said...

I felt the same way yesterday ~ we had gorgeous weather ~ the snow was melting and the sun was shining. Today ... another story ... Old Man Winter has blown in another storm. bummer... I'm so tired of winter.

Joanne said...

Us too...I can see all the corners of my raised beds...but they are still snow covered..I am really itching to get in there!

Theres just life said...

Spring is making her slow trip north. Hope she arrives up there soon.

Pamela Jo

Tim and Kari O'Brien said...

Yes! Spring is coming in a tiny pitter patter of drips and melts. We have hard freezes at night now, and a lot of snow in the mountains. But the trees are putting on their best budding colors.

Cicero Sings said...

Isn't it amazing how fast it happens? My beds are now exposed.

I'm home now by the way ... anytime you'd like some bottles!

Anonymous said...

I am ready for spring to arrive! Where I live, it snows, melts, warms up, snows, melts, snows again. It was 60 yesterday, yet its supposed to snow again tomorrow. Goodness...

Annie said...

Just the other day, I saw robins again! Spring has to be on the way.

Cicero, you have a lot less snow than we do out here in the Valley. I can't believe how bare it is when I go to town! (I'll email you about the bottles)
This morning there was another little bit of snow but it has already melted.

I'll now Spring is really here when I hear the call of the Sandhill Cranes.

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