Friday, April 1, 2011


I've been hit by the redecorating bug lately. It's not that I don't like what we already have, but I want to change it all up a bit.

I have been looking for pendant lighting and bedside table lamps for the bedroom. It's hard to find something I like! And since we live in the country, I would like our decor to reflect that.

I do like those lamps and chandeliers that are made out of antlers. The price on those things though is ridiculously high, in my opinion.

The other day, I did find a set of nice looking table lamps. They had antlers on them (not real) and the base was pretty cool. It was like the forest floor, with pine cones scattered around it. They would have looked pretty good here. The price? Over $200 for each lamp. I am not paying $400 for bedside table lamps.

When I picked it up and looked on the underside of the base, there was the sticker. Made in China. Why is it so hard to find anything these days that is made in Canada? Or the USA? Sphere: Related Content


Nina Diane said...

I'm with hard to find anything made in USA! I won't buy my dog treats from anywhere except White Bone because the vet told me that dog treats made in other countries can cause dogs to become very ill...
also, $200 a lamp...crazy!! I like to change things up to often to pay those prices.
hope you are doing well Annie!!

Anonymous said...

If you like antlers, you just might like the lamps at The Country Porch, an online store:
They carry the cutest home accessories, I bought my kitchen curtains from them. They ship out of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.

Annie said...

Hi Nina, nice to hear from you. I cannot stand the inferior quality of the stuff made overseas.

Over on The Journey, our contest prizes are all made in either Canada or USA. It would be great to find more companies here!

Thanks for the link, waiting! Very cute lamps there!

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