Saturday, April 30, 2011

Peppers, Broccoli and Corn Seedling Update

The Peppers I started growing from seed this year are doing fantastic. I'm very happy not only with the germination rate, but also the growth. If you look closely, you can see pepper flowers forming in the picture above.

It's too early for the flowers. If I pinch them off now, the energy will instead go into the plant itself. I want better root growth and plant growth instead of flowers at this point. I pinched off all the flower buds on the 2 pepper plants that were sending them out.

I'll benefit by enjoying even more delicious peppers this year. The picture above is from last year and all the pepper plants were loaded.

My second round of broccoli seeds germinated very well. I planted several seeds into each up. Since my first germination did not go so well, I need all of these small seedlings this time around.

Yesterday I got them all separated and planted into their own cups. They will stay in the cups until it is time to transplant them right into the garden.

Here is one of the two corn varieties I am growing this year. This is Simonet and I seeded them mostly one to a cup, but there are several with two seeds per cup. I will have to transplant these into their own cups very soon. Maybe even this afternoon if I get a chance. This corn will be planted soon into our Greenhouse.

I also need to get my other corn seeded. I have many things on my plate right now. We are heading for the Coast tomorrow. It will be just an overnight trip, but one that needs to be made.

If Samantha is reading this post, I did receive your comment. I will try to get a diagram up next week of our various gardens. It's on the list!
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Paula & Skip said...

Oh Annie, I love the look of your peppers. I tried peppers the first time and not one germinated at all. I wonder whether it is to late to start another go on peppers.
I will take of the buds on my tomatoes though as I go for more fruit and stronger roots too!
I love checking in and seeing your seedling grow. Have a good weekend. Paula

Theres just life said...

Your seedlings are very healthy looking. Mine tend to get too leggy. I have a question for you too. How do you know when to dig up your potatoes. Down here my plants are already about 10 inches high. I have hilled them once and need to again. But I don't know when they would be ready to harvest. This is the first time I have grown potatoes.

Have a great trip, and be safe.

Annie said...

Hi Paula, if you think it's too late to start some more peppers by seed, you could always just pick up some seedlings. I am going to have to do that with sweet red peppers, as my germination was terrible.

TJLife, you can start stealing the odd potato after flowering. Just dig around with your hands and pull the tubers off. Once the leaves are brown and wilted, you can dig up the whole plant.

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