Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Staining Siding Boards for the Shop

Last week I posted about all the siding we bought that will eventually go onto the outside of the shop and the house.

Yesterday I saw my Dad while we were on the Coast and he asked again about the colour of the stain we are using. So, here's some pictures so that he and you can all see what I've been up to.

Stained board on the left, plain board on the right.

See those pieces of wood on the floor? This is where the wood will be stack after it is stained and dry.

I took this one right as I started the job. At this point, all those long boards on top are finished and are stacked on the other side of the shop.

Sigh...there are a LOT of boards to be stained.

I can do 11 boards in one session. I have only so many places to set the boards as they are drying. I have been trying to do 2 sessions of staining a day, so I can get 22 done. One day I managed to get 33 done.

Here's the finished boards. I'm now taking a few days off from staining as we are doing other things around the homestead. The Gman is going to drag the tiller out of the Greenhouse where it has sat all Winter. After a tune up, he's going to get started on tilling the garden.

I have peppers to transplant now into pots. We came home to find another 4 pepper plants sending up flowers. The living room is inundated with transplants. We have had to move one more table and one long bench up in front of the windows, in order to have enough room to place all the transplants. The tables downstairs in the seedling room are full as well.

I am hoping the evening temperatures start warming up a bit so that we can start moving things into the Greenhouse.

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