Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Totally HomeGrown Meal in Early May

The other night, we had Smoked Ham with Garden Potatoes and Carrots from last year!

I thought I would post these pictures to show you that we are Still eating out of our last years Garden.

Because we have a Cold Room down in the basement, where we can keep the temperatures between 32 and 40F, we can store all kinds of veggies down there.

These potatoes and carrots were put into the Cold Room last September. Eight months ago we pulled these veggies from our garden and moved them downstairs.

We leave the dirt on them and actually bury the carrots in buckets of garden dirt.

Here's Dinner....totally HomeGrown using vegetables harvested eight months ago and tasting as fresh as the day they were harvested. The Homegrown Ham is from our Pigs.

Do you have a Cold Room? Or a room that could be turned into a Cold Room? It's not hard to do, it just needs venting. If you have a window in that room, that can be your vent.

Find a spot in your home that you can use as a Cold Room and then get your Garden planted. You will be able to enjoy your veggies all Winter long!

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Unknown said...

So your cold room is around freezing point during the winter? Or year round? If not, what is the average temp in the summer, and do you still use it then? Also, wouldn't air exchange from a window or vents warm the air? And is your cold room insulated?

Sorry for asking so many questions, I'm just really curious. It must be convenient to have a giant fridge downstairs. I can't believe how long those carrots stay fresh. I'm always surprised at how long they last in my fridge but I'd rather keep them in a cold room someday, especially if they last longer. Thanks for the interesting post :)

Annie said...

We keep it pretty much just above fgreezing. I really have no idea how cold it is there in the summertime. At that point, we are using the cold room just for homecanned veggie and fruit storage.

Our cold room is insulated and it has a vent to the outside.In front of the vent we have a piece of cardboard (I know, very high tech) and I adjust the cardboard as needed. If it is warmer in there, then I either remove or just slant the cardboard enough to let in some cooler outside air.

We keep a thermometer right in the Cold Room. This way we can easily see the temperature when we are down there gathering food.

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