Friday, May 6, 2011

Wolf/Canada Goose Encounter

You all know about Tobias, right? The Canada Goose that our Valley friends have raised up from an orphan Gosling.

Tobias is now trying to make friends with the other Canadian Geese that fly up and down our Valley at this time of year.

The other day I looked out over the pasture to see this lone Canada Goose hanging out on the big rock. I don't know if this is Tobias, but my guess is yes!

Yesterday Marion (Tobias' Mom) had to go to work. Tobias decided to fly on down to our place.

For awhile he hung out in our yard. I admit to now being leery of Tobias. He used to be such a friendly Goose, but now that he is older he is, well....stretching his wings. And he no longer likes Me. 

When he sees me, he starts moovin' and groovin' with his neck. When I see him doing that, I know it is time for me to go. He has attacked me from behind a couple of times now. I am not sure if he is nailing me with his feet or his wings and I don't much care. I just know I want him to Stop it.

Marion says he is doing the same thing to her sometimes too. She thinks he is getting ready to take off with a flock of geese (I am hoping this happens sooner rather than later). The funny thing is, he doesn't mind Gman at all.

Perhaps he has an affinity for males - he doesn't do this with Charles (Marion's husband) either.

Our dog is Half Wolf, Half Malamute. You'd think he would act agressively towards Tobias, but he doesn't.

Here's the two of them hanging out yesterday.

They are friends!

Da Wolf is completely unperturbed that there is a "wild" Canada Goose snoozing less than 10 feet away!

What? These were not the kind of pictures you expected when you read the title of this post??

Yes, we're a bit surprised too! Enjoy your Friday!

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Jeremy said...

The new site looks great and I have really enjoyed your blog over the past couple of months. Are you going to keep "double posting" on each site? It's a bit of nuisance to have to check both sites for new goodness. Keep up the good work!

Jeremy in Eastern NC

@JDHealingTimeOnEarth said...

I think Tobias may be trying to mate with the only female species he sees!!

Let's hope it finds a place to fit in real soon.

Annie said...

Hi Jeremy, I am still bringing some of "the best" posts I made here over to the new website. I think if you subscribe by email, you will only get notified when there is a new post.

Clare, I think you may be right!

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