Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Got Gaps?

If you've got gaps in your Medical Insurance, you may want to look at coverage designed for exactly that. An online friend mentioned that she is looking into gap coverage. I didn’t know what that was and had never heard of it before, so I checked it out. Coverage with Medigap Insurance can include things like deductibles, co pays or other expenses not covered by the basic Medicare.

 You can even fill out a free quote form to find out how much such a policy would cost you. You may be surprised at the affordability of the premiums.

You can get a policy without a medical exam, which is something people with pre existing conditions (like my friend) would benefit from. Medicare Supplemental Insurance has various Medigap plans for you to look through. It’s hard for people with a pre existing condition to find medical insurance. Here you are guaranteed a policy as well as the option to renew.

Pick your home state from the list on the right hand side of their website – you can get more information there and then fill in the quote form on the same page.

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