Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Perfect Baby Gift

Here's a great gift for expectant moms - babywearing slings and carriers from babyhat. If you know of someone expecting, a baby wrap carrier would make a wonderful shower present. You could surprise Mom with a soft fabric wrap with some stretch to it for when baby is newborn or order a woven wrap for when baby is a bit older. These wraps come with complete instructions to help you learn the many ways in which you can tie a baby wrap.
Babywearing products enable babies and moms and dads to carry their babies while doing other things. We all know we could use an extra set of hands when we have newborns. I know I held my babies a lot and I'm sure most other parents do as well. If you have a baby who suffers from colic or other tummy troubles, holding them close to you while rocking or walking can help ease their discomfort. Check out from this pediatrician just why baby wearing is important.
I would have loved to have had one of these when my boys were babies. I did have a baby carrier outfitted with drawstring ties and hooks and eyes, It worked well, although I would have loved to have had something a lot easier. It's hard to hold the baby while trying to tie up the long ties and do up the hooks and eyes! One of these baby wraps or a pouch baby carrier would have been ideal for me. Sphere: Related Content

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