Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Riding Hawgs

Do you ride motorcycles? I’m not very experienced with motorbikes – in my childhood, I got the odd chance to ride mini bikes. They were a lot of fun! We had miles and miles of trails behind our house and we would spend hours on mini bikes with friends, zooming around on these trails.

When I was a teenager, my older brother had a motorcycle. He’d take me for rides on the highway or out to the lake where we would go swimming. He was a fearless sort and he loved nothing more than riding his motorcycle…fast! He was all about speed and adventure. I was more the timid sort, hanging on to him for dear life as he negotiated the corners and turns.

Last week, the Gman was asked to take a look at a problem a friend was having with his motorbike. The Gman is very good with anything mechanical and often fixes engines and machinery. Once he found what he thought was the problem, he needed to source out some motorcycle parts. He found what he needed here and was able to make the fix needed. His friend was happy with the results! Sphere: Related Content


Kathryn said...

...or you could try us here in Canada, Annie. Tons of used parts.

Kathryn (from Surrey - who wants to move to the island and grow a garden!)

Annie said...

Hey! Good to know Kathryn, thanks for commenting!

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