Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Spice Up Your Kitchen!

Looking for a Christmas gift for the cook in your life? Here’s a great idea that all cooks would appreciate. Get them a spice rack for the kitchen – spice up those wonderful homemade dinners with one of these wonderful spice racks.

Whether you have a modern streamlined kitchen or a more traditional theme running throughout your kitchen, you will be able to find kitchen spice racks to fit your décor perfectly.

You will find either counter top spice racks or wall spice racks – there are lots of choices sure to please. Keeping spices handy for use when cooking means they will be used more often. Spices can add zing to any homemade meal and are better for you than using the salt shaker!

Gift certificates are also available on the website in case you would rather have the cook pick out the spice rack that they particularly want.

If you’re concerned with high blood pressure or just wish to increase the healthiness of your family meals, put down the salt shaker and pick up the spice jar instead!
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Sweettoothe said...

No offense, but I used to read your blog to learn about how to raise animals and how you have learned through trial and error. My husband and I are trying to live a similar lifestyle in which we are trying to provide for ourselves. Lately, it seems, every time I visit your blog, I feel like you are trying to advertise something or other. Are you still going to write about what's happening on your farm? I really miss that and I used to love reading about it.

Annie said...

Hi Sweettoothe,

Have you been over to our newer website yet? It is

Earlier this year I started the move over to Wordpress and so I have not been posting much over here on Blogger.

There are a couple places in the sidebar here mentioning the new site, but I guess they are still easy for readers to miss!

Hope to see you over on the new site.

Right now, we are temporarily in Prince Rupert for hubby's work, so have been writing about that.

But there is lots of good info over there on our farm, so take a look around and bookmark the site!

I can't wait to get home to our Valley in Spring. Lately, I am having to be content with seed catalogues!

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