Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Using Lockers at Home

Running out of storage room? Is your back door entry way a jumbled mess of coats, shoes, boots and sports equipment?

Why not consider tidying up that entryway by using athletic lockers? Lockers are not just for health club change rooms anymore.  These would look great in a laundry room or in your mud room. Assigning a specific locker to each of your children will help them keep things neat, tidy and organized.

Think of how much smoother your school mornings will be if everything needed for that day is waiting inside the locker? Homework, school gym clothes, jacket, hats and mittens could be placed in there the evening before.  School lunches could be put in there early in the morning. When it’s time to get to the school bus, no one will be running around looking for those important things at the last minute.

Clean lines, a variety of colours and ventilation options are all part of these lockers. You can use them in your business as office lockers, in gym change rooms as ventilating steel lockers, or at home as tidy and clean looking storage lockers.  have the lowest prices and the largest selection on the market. What more can you ask for?
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