Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It's Warming Up a Bit

Well, here's hoping the worst of that Ice Storm is over with.....we had a few nights of -30C, but last nite it warmed up to -15C.

It's almost -10C outside right's amazing how much warmer it feels at -10C than -30C, lol!

I've mostly been trying to keep the house warm and cuddling up close to the woodstove. This afternoon, I'm going to do a bit more Christmas decorating....the Gman is due home on Saturday, weeeeeeee! Sphere: Related Content


pamela said...

Oh I know you will be so glad to have Gman home---to keep you warm.
I still can't get over the chickens eating their own eggs.

Aunt Krissy said...

I love cuddling up to a wood stove!
I love to hear the pop and crackle of the fire and the wiff of wood smoke when you open the door to put more wwood in.

Annie said...

Sure, they'll eat their own eggs Pamela....actually sometimes they break them and eat them...nasty habit. Often means culling that bird, so others don't learn to do it too....

If we have eggs and we're not sure if they are good enuf for us, then we will cook them up for either the dog, pigs if we have them, or they go back to the girls....they're very good for them!

Krissy, you're right, there's nothing like the warmth of a woodstove going, especially when its cold outside!

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