Monday, January 25, 2010

Veggie Seed Order for 2010

I think I have my seed orders figured out...finally. And it was no small task, especially for the Gman. As most of you know I am away from home right now.
 I packed all kinds of things to help occupy my time and keep myself busy. One thing I forgot to pack? My seed boxes. Did I make a list Before I left home?!

My Valley friend and I try to order together, in an attempt to reduce the amount of shipping and handling charges. Damn S&H, they are always way too high. Anyway, the Gman told me the other day Marion was getting ready to submit her seed order.

Well, since I didn't actually know what I had on hand (seed boxes left behind) and I certainly couldn't remember....he had to sift thru the boxes, put everything in order (yet another little job I didn't get to in the Fall) and then Recite to me how many packages of all the veggie seeds we had on hand.

Not for the first time has he realized it ain't easy being married to the Annie. I heard a few sighs, then he got down to the task at hand. After a lot of reciting, I was able to kinda sorta figure out what I need and how much I need.'s my list. It's smaller than previous years and that's a good thing! It's smaller because we have been a lot more serious about saving our own seeds.

Peas - Bounty
Snap Peas - Mega and also Oregon Giant
Green Beans - Blue Lake
Turnip - Purple Top White Globe & also a new one, Scarlet Ohno
Mangels - just in case
Corn - Simonet
Charb - Rhubarb Chard with brightly coloured red stems

Beets - Dark Red Detroit
Sugar Beets - cuz I just can't have too many (to be fed off to animals)
Lettuce - Red Salad Bowl

Veggies I don't need to order cuz I have enough on hand:
(NOTE: Some of the following seed comes from veggies we let go to seed, others are seed I have extra packages from the store.)

Red & Yellow Beans - for drying
Alaska Peas - for drying

(the pic is from a previous year - I am having trouble with camera issues right now, damn!)

Next up - Flower seed order!

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the domestic fringe said...

Sounds like you're going to have quite the garden! I'll be lucky to get a tomato to grow out of a bucket this summer. I'm visiting from The Pioneer Woman and just wanted to say that I love your header photo.


Paula said...

This is going to be my first year of ordering seeds online. My husband isn't as on-board. He says that if you get seeds at Wal-Mart and they don't grow, you can return them. I just shake my head and remind him that the variety will be worth it.

Sarah said...

Ohh! I just placed my seed order and should be getting it any day now! I can't believe how EXCITED I am about it this year. I guess this is the first year that I have REALLY committed to gardening really well. I was into it last year and chicken tore it apart... :( Now this year I am going to have a GREAT garden! I'm determined! This is also my first year to plant heirlooms!

Boy, I can't wait for those seeds!

Tim and Kari O'Brien said...

Cucumbers? Do you grow cucumbers? We love the Armenian cucumbers or snake cucumbers. They are actually a melon, but very delicious especially when they are slender, but you can pick them large and fat and they are great for bread and butter pickles.

Annie said...

Welcome to the blog! If you are beginner gardeners, please stick around. I'll be posting all about starting seeds and transplanting, etc...all the way to harvesting and canning.

Hi Kari! We don't do cukes here...we have tried having them in the greenhouse, but they are a bit fussy about water requirements.

I used to grow cukes for pickles, but that was when I lived on the Coast and the temps didn't flucuate like they do up here.

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