Saturday, April 24, 2010

Homegrown Breakfast

What a wonderful time of year! The herbs are growing, the flowers are budding.....

Here's Saturday morning breakfast at our house.....wonderful large eggs from our hens, heavenly fresh chives from our garden....and soft goat cheese from my Valley friend.

We're having omelettes! And I have a feeling they are going to be Delicious!

How can you beat this for freshness???  I don't think you can!

Our hens are laying for their second year now....

and in the second year you may not get as many eggs as you did the first year.

But...the eggs you do get are Huge!

I can't even close the lid on this carton and you can see this is a Large Egg carton from the store!  Ha!

Enjoy your Saturday!
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Yuppies Gone Homesteading said...

Don't you just love the eggs. I got 30 eggs this month from 9 laying hens. Nothing like fresh eggs.

I am very curious about the goats cheese. My little Mally (girl goat) is developing her tits. I hope to learn how to make goats cheese.


Annie said...

Robin, that's great your girls are doing well with their laying!

My friend makes the goat cheese and I am hoping to watch her while she makes it. I don't know if I will be able to post pics of the process.

If you go to there are several specialized forums there dealing with making goat cheese.

Good luck!

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