Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Covering Costs and Then Some....

Remember this post? I wrote this a couple of years ago - it's all about how to just get started slowly on the path to being able to provide your family with healthy, low cost food.

I love it when someone reads a post and then puts it into practice!

One of our followers, Rina put a post up on The Journey to Homesteading Forum all about what she gleaned from my post and how she put it into action.

Click on the link and take a read through her post. Now she is beginning to get more orders for meat birds. Good for you Rina, I'm really glad you took the words and put them into action!

Tomorrow, I'll be posting about Smoking Salmon. We are having Very busy days here, and it didn't help that we were away all day yesterday. It was fun though!  Sphere: Related Content


umbrellalady said...

I am looking forward to your blog on smoking salmon. I am doing a turkey on Saturday - I have done a chicken before - turkey should, in theory, be equally good.

Annie said...

I totally forgot tomorrow is Wednesday. I've got a Wordless Wednesday post coming.

So check for sure on Thursday and I'll make sure it is on there!

Annie said...

I've had smoked turkey and it is really good! Let us know what you think once you get yours done.

Have you ever smoked salt? Also really good - use coarse salt and just give it a light smoke.

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